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To assess whether Discover Re can uniquely support the needs of your clients, the following questions are offered as a self-screening tool:

1. Do you have an individual Fortune 1000 customer who assumes and effectively manages a significant portion of their own risk, while stabilizing their insurance costs?
  • The individual Fortune 1000 customer expects greater control of over cost of risk and typically, has the strong financial balance sheet to support the needed loss control, risk management and claims management functions necessary to assume risk through the variety of "self-insured" and "self-funded" insurance programs that we offer.
  • Discover Re only writes commercial lines (general liability, auto liability, workers compensation and property

2. Does the client have an interest in entertaining alternative risk transfer (ART) products?
  • Discover Re's sole business is ART and our alternative risk experts tailor each deal to meet the customer's needs
  • Whether it means offering ART options with differing retentions, or offering corridor deductibles, when it comes to our client's financial needs, we'd rather be a part of the solution than part of the problem.

3. Has your client the proven capability of negotiating and purchasing loss control, claims handling, investment management and other "unbundled" services?
  • Discover Re only offers its products on an "unbundled" basis. The unbundled customer expects greater focus on choosing service providers best suited to meet their individual needs.
  • With improved risk management and reduced frictional cost to the mix, self-insuring can often lead to a significantly lower cost than would normally be charged in a more traditional insurance program.

4. Do you have an individual Fortune 1000 customer that desire a long-term relationship with an innovative insurance company that designs it's products in a collaborative fashion based on the unique needs of each customer?
  • Discover Re's efforts are focused on building long-term, mutually profitable relationships that result in client-specific insurance structures.
  • This is the specialty that Discover Re has pursued with passion over the past 15 years!!

If your responses are generally positive, please click here to contact us with your opportunity.

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